February 28th, the last day of the month, the last day I would put life off.
The passing of a loved one is hard enough, but when it comes at a time you least expect it, no illness, no notice..that’s when it really turns your world upside down. My perspective on life has changed. Why do we put things off to a later date? We say ‘I really want to do this’ or ‘I really want to go there’ and yet we put it off to the future, to another day. But little do we know that, really, we just don’t have the time. Life flies by, and you really do not know what’s coming next. I think everyone comes to a stage in life when they realise this, sadly mine had to come in this way. The ‘what ifs’ and ‘I wish I hads’ linger in my mind and probably will do forever, but it is a lesson learnt. Don’t shy away from telling someone how you really feel, don’t feel awkward or embarrassed that they’ll think you’re mad for throwing your arms around them and saying I love you, or simply letting them know they make you smile. Don’t put plans and goals off for another day, that day may never come. Appreciate the little things in life, the stress of life and work has little significance when you look at the big picture. So spend time with your loved ones and let them know you care. Don’t put life on hold, live.


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